Donya Artal


Project AFCECO

Gender Female

Orphanage SH2

Donya is an accomplished artist in many mediums. As little girl she grew up in a poor and misery-stricken family. The drug-addicted father abandoned the family and left the illiterate mother to take care of 8 children. Donya and her elder siblings had to work at other people house who often faced all kinds of harassments. They left their village after two of her uncles were killed by the Taliban who were police officers and since then the family is on the move seeking a safe place to live. She came to AFCECO in 2017 and has been thriving ever since. Donya is in a safe house with her younger sister Setayesh. In her own words:

I was born in Farah and lived in there, but now I can't live there. Only my mother works in our house and my father is drug addicted so he can’t work. my family still lives in Farah. 

We live in one of the safe houses of AFCECO with my sister, she is setayish and she is smaller than me. I went to AFCECO 4years ago, because we had in our family very difficulties. I like English subject in school, because it's an International language. I like drawing, I like music and always I listen to music in my free time. I want to become an artist. and everyday I practice drawing. After The Taliban came in power in Afghanistan, we can't work like before. I used to paint with our group on the walls of Kabul city, but since the Taliban came, we can no longer paint on walls, because they don't allow to us.