Project AFCECO

Gender Female

Age 2006-12-15

Orphanage SH2

Rihanna is now 15 years old and a pianist and singer.  She is a member of the Zohra orchestra. She would like to be a musician she says"music is my life". She is living in an AFCECO safe house with her younger sisters. She enjoys studying English and Piano.

My Name is Rihana and I am 12 years old girl. I am in 4th grade. My family is living in isolated village of Farah province which is attacked by Taliban and there is not school. My father had heart disease and he didn’t have money to go to hospital and then he died. He leaved us forever along with my mother who didn’t know how to make money to her children and she married with another men. Now I am living in a place like heaven. I have a lot of friends and I am playing Karate with a group of girls.