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Project AFCECO

Orphanage Mehan

Age 2003-06-14

Gender Female

Noshin is from the conservative village of Takhar which is controlled by Peram Qual, a warlord. He rigidly controls the people of Takhar. There is little opportunity for parents to nurture and support their own children as they live in poverty and under rigid social restrictions.  Perm Qual’s power prevents political dissent or economic changes to improve living conditions. An example of the conservative and restrictive warlord power is the custom of forced, mandated marriage of young girls.  Parents do not have a voice in this rigid custom.  Noshin is fourteen years old so she is especially vulnerable to a forced marriage.  Fortunately, her parents brought her to AFCECO to avoid such a decision. Our appeal is for a sponsorship for our beautiful Noshin.  Noshin’s future will be dramatically changed through a sponsor’s support.