Project AFCECO

Gender Female

Age 2009-11-26

Orphanage SH3

Nahid is from Takhar province and she is one of the youngest child of her family.  She born in a very poor family. Her family hardly feed her children. Nahid’s father is worker and he transferring small equipment by cart. It is known, that he hasn’t feed his children with 50 AFN which is his income per day. Nahid and her siblings are very intelligent and they are eager to go to school but unfortunately they don’t have school in the village and even her family is not able to live in city to provide education opportunity. when her family announced about AFCECO orphanage they wanted to bring 3 of their children, but we only could have accepted Nahid in Mehan orphanage.  Nahid is the lucky one who could joined to AFCECO family.

Nahid just arrived at an AFCECO safe house.