Gender Female

Lina was born in a village with fresh fruits and vegetables, but after the insecurity the ISIS brought severe pressure on the people of the area, and people were forced to move to Iran and Pakistan, including Lina family, who left the homes and their fertile lands. Lina's family become refugee to Iran, where Afghans were always threatened and considered as an animal, but Lina's family did not accept this insulting life and returned to Afghanistan and accepted the hard life here. Now they are living in a place which is very far from Kabul city and they don’t have accessed to school and hospital and her family wasn’t able to support the children and in the meantime, they have a dream of Lina’s better life. So, now Lina is living in Mehan orphanage. she joined AFCECO dance group. She is very happy with the girls. We need to see her beautiful smile.