Gender Female

Age 2003-06-01

Orphanage SH 1

Khadija is from Kunduz which is one of the northern provinces of Afghanistan. Most people in this province are farming, livestock and agriculture. People there still have a basic life. The Uzbak tribe is a minority in Afghanistan, they are deprived of lots of things that everyone has the right to have. them but still they live with limited life facilities. Many times Kunduz has been attacked by Taliban and forced many people to leave their village and move to another places.  Khadija and her sisters lost the opportunity to go  to school in the era of poverty and Taliban rule. Khadiha’s family went to the city and began to study with passion. With her superb talent she was given a test of the two classes and started in grade 9. She has developed into a remarkable artist with enormous potential. The program of bringing new children to the orphanage, in Khadija's mind sparked and bright this hope and increased her childhood dreams. Khadija is a talented artist. She is living at a safe house run by AFCECO in Kabul.

I love music, movies, reading novels, drawing and dance. I want to be a good artist in the future. My dream is to become a person who can draw the afghan girls and women pains and speak to people of world with my art works about misery of people of Afghanistan, especially girls and afghan women.