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Gender Female

Orphanage SH3

Husna is from Kunduz province. Her father is working on fields of other people and her elder brother who is only 11 years old also works on streets for less amount of money. Her family cannot earn enough for all children’s education and other expenses. There is fighting between Taliban who wanted to take the control of Kunduz province and afghan military soldiers that end up having a lot of victims and most of the people moved to capital in a very bad condition, So, Husna and other kids are become the victim of this bad situation. So, there is nothing expect fighting and poverty. With all this things, Husna’s family want her daughter become educate and don’t want to be like her parents who are always surfing of poverty and illiteracy and they want her daughter join the orphanage and have peaceful life.

Husna came by herself to AFCECO in 2017. She enjoys books and movies and would like to be a doctor.

Husna is now living in an AFCECO Safehouse.