Project AFCECO

Gender Female

Orphanage SH3

Frishta is now 11 years old and lives at an AFCECO safehouse. Frishta was 8th years old girl when she arrived at AFCECO, born in a remote village of Kunduz province.  Frishta’s family lives a village that is ruling by the Taliban, most of the time there is fighting between the Taliban and the soldiers and in this among, normal people die under the bullet. The most people are very poor and can find nutrition hardly, however Frishta’s family decide to send her to the orphanage to get educate Frishta likes to become a teacher, so that she would be able to teach the girls for those who are deprived of education such as herself. Her family, said, she can dance very well and love to be part of the orphanage dance group.