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Jawed father is blind and he could not support his children at all. His mother is house wife and every day working on the land to make money for her children. When she heard about AFCECO orphanage ...

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Farahnaz and her entire community fled the war that has been going between ISIS and Afghanistan’s government and took refugee at a camp in 2017 near to Jalalabad city. This newly established ...

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Farangis lives with her family at a farm in a village near to Pamir valley, north of Afghanistan bordering with Tajikistan. For decades, Farangis parents and ancestors worked the land of their lord...

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Jamaitullah Nemat

Jamaitullah comes from Nuristan province, it’s located in East of Afghanistan. A place where all the people are poor and have no educational facilities. When he was a little child, he lost hi...

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Sayed Nazir

Sayed Nazir is from Farah province. His family has very weak economic condition. because his father is blind and he didn’t have old brother to work for them, therefore his parents were not ab...

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Sitara is from Nuristan province, a minority that has been denied to proper health care and education for centuries. Few decades ago, the Islamic fundamentalists attacked the community and forced t...

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Marzia Anwar

Marzia comes from a remote village of Takhar province. Her father had two wives with 12 children. Her father didn’t care about her, because she was not born a baby boy. He did not have money...

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Moohamad Asadullah

Moohamad: He was born in a remote village of Farah Province and in a very poor family, but he was very talented even at a young age. As he grew a little, he was so interested in knowledge that he k...

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Rabia Badkhshani

Rabia lives in an impoverished peasant family in Badakhshan, a place in a far remote northern area of Afghanistan where according to UNICEF has the highest child mortality rate in the word. The fam...

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Sohaila Nuristani

Sohaila lives at a refugee camp since her family fled their village following the attack by the ISIS in 2016. She is from indigenous inhabitants of Nuristan, a place located in Himalayan Mountains ...

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Nahid is from Takhar province and she is one of the youngest child of her family. She born in a very poor family. Her family hardly feed her children. Nahid’s father is worker and he transfe...

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Nazo is 13 years old and is from the conservative village of Nangarhar, which is the center of both ISIS and the Taliban. Like so many families in Afghanistan, Nazo’s family lives in poverty...

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AFCECO Children's Artworks

After forty years of war and suppression, art all but disappeared from Afghan culture. A few years ago, AFCECO children were lucky to receive professional instruction in drawing, watercolor, pastel...


Recording Studio for Mehan Orphanage

Music has been an integral part of our educational program since the beginning of our orphanages. Nearly 30 girls and boys from our orphanage study music, both traditional central Asian and western...