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Sayd Iqbal Sayd Ghafor

Sayad Iqbal is from very isolated village of Farah who had very difficult life.  His mother had cancer and his father was very old. They didn’t have anything at home to eat. Even he doesn’t have la...

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Moohamad Asadullah

Moohamad: He was born in a remote village of Farah Province and in a very poor family, but he was very talented even at a young age. As he grew a little, he was so interested in knowledge that he k...

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Rabia Badkhshani

Rabia lives in an impoverished peasant family in Badakhshan, a place in a far remote northern area of Afghanistan where according to UNICEF has the highest child mortality rate in the word. The fam...

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Sajid father is blind and he could not support his children at all. His mother is house wife and every day working on the land to make money for her children. When she heard about AFCECO orphanage ...

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Nehan is from a remote village of Nooristan. She belongs to a very poor family. The security situation in her province is not stable and people are fleeing their province to seek safe shelter in Ka...

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Jamaitullah Nemat

Jamaitullah comes from Nuristan province, it’s located in East of Afghanistan. A place where all the people are poor and have no educational facilities. When he was a little child, he lost his fami...

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Poyan mother Suffers from Hepatitis and his father severely suffers from backache. His uncle was partially Supported his family because his father could hardly earn to treat his wife. Poyan has a e...

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Rabia Mohamadin

Rabia’s mother died when she was 6 years old. Her father and her older sister were look after them, but it was very difficult for her father because he was not a good guardian for his children then...

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Z. Abdul Ahmed Zalmai

Abdul Ahmed is from a very isolated village of Farah which is control by Taliban and ISIS. He was a little boy when he came to orphanage. His father is a badly addicted and some time he bit his chi...

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Z. Arifa azim

Arifa is from remote village of Nooristan where is control by Taliban. When she was a little girl her father brutally killed by Taliban and her mother is house wife. She was not able to serve food ...

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Husna Jana

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Nahid is from Takhar province and she is one of the youngest child of her family.  She born in a very poor family. Her family hardly feed her children. Nahid’s father is worker and he transferring ...

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